• File Path: C:\Program Files\Wireshark\capinfos.exe
  • Description: Capinfos


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MD5 D3682305FD039566EF3DD7470BA00AC0
SHA1 7D06AA941B98D3D244A639D9219085C23E5FF999
SHA256 A8CF4F8CB851B1C648FDFF18C8653833DCF7E35727D9C0321BB376DE09A11C96
SHA384 AD744CCC4F06845835D71928C53E9EBB7216F57B1105771573973F57AE28F78243CC2256319F2A25B48E87AABAFEAE14
SHA512 832389B1956322C232C8E2E20A6C9E9E29A5C783B56F259A405471F759916E022222E61711BF9CFD50DC4B7517B64585EF52AFE453DF323A8EEE5829C93E48E3
SSDEEP 1536:3ezrMNDYS8OGFP2UeaDUlZ9rj6ky7T7ODuYUg48o0VBgWHncnFPXavErjnCj2Wec:30rMNDYSWP2UeKGPjqyr2rFP0oBju/Z
IMP 6FB0FA337E36524E95E0106C09031255
PESHA1 7819E5B2434C83EC323E753E9B8C0AF7FD4C2CB1
PE256 B6DCF864D78EF5279F519A5C589D5821FC0C693F316E47F51FD384C44F0B8457

Runtime Data

Usage (stdout):

Capinfos (Wireshark) 3.2.7 (v3.2.7-0-gfb6522d84a3a)
Print various information (infos) about capture files.
See for more information.

Usage: capinfos [options] <infile> ...

General infos:
  -t display the capture file type
  -E display the capture file encapsulation
  -I display the capture file interface information
  -F display additional capture file information
  -H display the SHA256, RMD160, and SHA1 hashes of the file
  -k display the capture comment

Size infos:
  -c display the number of packets
  -s display the size of the file (in bytes)
  -d display the total length of all packets (in bytes)
  -l display the packet size limit (snapshot length)

Time infos:
  -u display the capture duration (in seconds)
  -a display the capture start time
  -e display the capture end time
  -o display the capture file chronological status (True/False)
  -S display start and end times as seconds

Statistic infos:
  -y display average data rate (in bytes/sec)
  -i display average data rate (in bits/sec)
  -z display average packet size (in bytes)
  -x display average packet rate (in packets/sec)

Metadata infos:
  -n display number of resolved IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  -D display number of decryption secrets

Output format:
  -L generate long report (default)
  -T generate table report
  -M display machine-readable values in long reports

Table report options:
  -R generate header record (default)
  -r do not generate header record

  -B separate infos with TAB character (default)
  -m separate infos with comma (,) character
  -b separate infos with SPACE character

  -N do not quote infos (default)
  -q quote infos with single quotes (')
  -Q quote infos with double quotes (")

  -h display this help and exit
  -C cancel processing if file open fails (default is to continue)
  -A generate all infos (default)
  -K disable displaying the capture comment

Options are processed from left to right order with later options superseding
or adding to earlier options.

If no options are given the default is to display all infos in long report
output format.

Usage (stderr):

capinfos: The file "C:\temp\strontic-xcyclopedia\notepad.exe" doesn't exist.

Loaded Modules:

C:\Program Files\Wireshark\capinfos.exe


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  • Serial: 02CCD99F7D556C13CE8710C69D09B31A
  • Thumbprint: E8EF7325044D018B0C0DCD8CBA4190B155857F3B
  • Issuer: CN=Sectigo RSA Code Signing CA, O=Sectigo Limited, L=Salford, S=Greater Manchester, C=GB
  • Subject: CN=”Wireshark Foundation, Inc.”, O=”Wireshark Foundation, Inc.”, STREET=711 4th street, L=Davis, S=CA, PostalCode=95616, C=US

File Metadata

  • Original Filename: capinfos.exe
  • Product Name: Capinfos
  • Company Name: The Wireshark developer community
  • File Version: 3.2.7
  • Product Version: 3.2.7
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Copyright 2000 Gerald Combs, Gilbert Ramirez and many others
  • Machine Type: 64-bit

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