• File Path: C:\Windows\system32\cabinet.dll
  • Description: Microsoft Cabinet File API


Type Hash
MD5 C100BDD467C3E92303CCDB879A25A0A1
SHA1 11D43213FCF0FE851A8419BF27BBFD9C6B40B992
SHA256 C486A6F9715D1900989740698F0BB5969E1DF537FA3DA4174BD63D6807BEC9B1
SHA384 4F76F47FC174C91063AEFF709631C62E4C44C3D983135C319599799504C5DBC5869FF5F12F383732E816479B96A8536B
SHA512 E44779EFA7FBCC259CA1EDEE8FC10F3769C08E7FC3E7A646C6EDBE63A46128B1B339D3C89B2446B1DF52A2936A3012DDD33845A886BFBED45BCF64707AD4F1DD
SSDEEP 1536:7mGoAI+ZFJNmljPxvTgfFp+5cKB/tzDau+FccNBy11S5EEolRHG5BOZKINUN+0tW:7mGkQFAqn8d/zDNmZ+1LE+DKI+NYAV4r
IMP 43089E1FD23B10D2778868432FE3423A
PESHA1 A1F3DD1E473F3CCEE64F1A0375F4D46EFF300D59
PE256 E6F24AE9EFAA3E87EE33616283B90F51DC64A9902EFC310B2399F9384E361A14

DLL Exports:

Function Name Ordinal Type
FDIDestroy 23 Exported Function
FDIIsCabinet 21 Exported Function
FDITruncateCabinet 24 Exported Function
FCIFlushFolder 12 Exported Function
FDICopy 22 Exported Function
FDICreate 20 Exported Function
GetDllVersion 1 Exported Function
ResetDecompressor 44 Exported Function
SetCompressorInformation 31 Exported Function
SetDecompressorInformation 41 Exported Function
QueryCompressorInformation 32 Exported Function
QueryDecompressorInformation 42 Exported Function
ResetCompressor 34 Exported Function
CreateCompressor 30 Exported Function
CreateDecompressor 40 Exported Function
Decompress 43 Exported Function
CloseCompressor 35 Exported Function
CloseDecompressor 45 Exported Function
Compress 33 Exported Function
DeleteExtractedFiles 4 Exported Function
FCICreate 10 Exported Function
FCIDestroy 14 Exported Function
FCIFlushCabinet 13 Exported Function
DllGetVersion 2 Exported Function
Extract 3 Exported Function
FCIAddFile 11 Exported Function


  • Status: Signature verified.
  • Serial: 330000026551AE1BBD005CBFBD000000000265
  • Thumbprint: E168609353F30FF2373157B4EB8CD519D07A2BFF
  • Issuer: CN=Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US
  • Subject: CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

File Metadata

  • Original Filename: cabinet.dll
  • Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Version: 5.00 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
  • Product Version: 5.00
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Machine Type: 64-bit

File Scan

  • VirusTotal Detections: 0/71
  • VirusTotal Link:

Possible Misuse

The following table contains possible examples of cabinet.dll being misused. While cabinet.dll is not inherently malicious, its legitimate functionality can be abused for malicious purposes.

Source Source File Example License
LOLBAS Diantz.yml Description: Binary that package existing files into a cabinet (.cab) file  
LOLBAS Makecab.yml Description: Binary to package existing files into a cabinet (.cab) file  
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