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MD5 06C91A0A3C03835D3ACC7C36490CC1AE
SHA1 0918CF2C3C53D2FBCEF385F2865851FB1EF4DECA
SHA256 F8498CBEC88CC394DEE3BA750D31FE4C8D0572239DE290E020D62D5D3863585C
SHA384 C1B29CC2695F9AE5F104347C8E8FD6336EE880BB995FE19F26209607EDA0AFCAA05E83CC1C297D1827BA27ECD36BC2C8
SHA512 C889B6FB8DC918FDC4100CE0874A86300654B614882514B398B4CC9D7395D39DDAE7AE2B3056B99139757C6B21CABEC6C2D922E7D6C6EDD0E00168BCE035D1E5
SSDEEP 768:DqbH47yZGkpHZw0fx+2GnA6uC7Gjrpzdr+kI47X+9jHoS+Bs6lnhNPEXWJjb:YYKGkfwc3GAMaC4+7ElhNYWJv

Runtime Data

Usage (stderr):

bzip2, a block-sorting file compressor.  Version 1.0.8, 13-Jul-2019.

   usage: bzip2.exe [flags and input files in any order]

   -h --help           print this message
   -d --decompress     force decompression
   -z --compress       force compression
   -k --keep           keep (don't delete) input files
   -f --force          overwrite existing output files
   -t --test           test compressed file integrity
   -c --stdout         output to standard out
   -q --quiet          suppress noncritical error messages
   -v --verbose        be verbose (a 2nd -v gives more)
   -L --license        display software version & license
   -V --version        display software version & license
   -s --small          use less memory (at most 2500k)
   -1 .. -9            set block size to 100k .. 900k
   --fast              alias for -1
   --best              alias for -9

   If invoked as `bzip2', default action is to compress.
              as `bunzip2',  default action is to decompress.
              as `bzcat', default action is to decompress to stdout.

   If no file names are given, bzip2 compresses or decompresses
   from standard input to standard output.  You can combine
   short flags, so `-v -4' means the same as -v4 or -4v, &c.

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C:\program files\GIMP 2\bin\bzip2.exe


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