• File Path: C:\Program Files\PeaZip\res\brotli\brotli.exe


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MD5 CD02E5A2AC0FA8CF23C0E1AF3F22222D
SHA1 CCB2F0DA58452738294A408B6684CCB034FC4E9B
SHA256 4BDD56D53DCC4F5C325C8F84D0C9847F6527DFBF1F31BEB333148D856DE6BCBF
SHA384 93648B441B24B6C7B41CA37682011D5F4E7B125FF7791EEB7CBAAFE8D00FBAAB6E332A3738F9CB3E72FF8C97B7428F7D
SHA512 F19A4C2232C2E37F5998A76DCC2880B1C9FB83962A6DDC789D688B9FAAC8029EF4A2E52B1ADB8453C764A9B8B7CFB82D68AF2587736FB55F7F814F5720355678
SSDEEP 12288:uLXN5VcseBhzCZxj99yqoeGAHhly7XTw05nmZfRR8SnGhRO:QluhzCZxj9ToeGAjAmZfR23hRO
IMP 348E9BEBF3A1EFE615C98B68BCF985C7
PESHA1 152146F599615DBD8CF7486FF3A33889AA8DEBDA
PE256 9670FEBBF9CEF5B23CEA4B07F0F4E9F4B1CE100E3899074073E9CE6C03ECD17F

Runtime Data

Usage (stderr):

Usage: brotli.exe [OPTION]... [FILE]...
  -#                          compression level (0-9)
  -c, --stdout                write on standard output
  -d, --decompress            decompress
  -f, --force                 force output file overwrite
  -h, --help                  display this help and exit
  -j, --rm                    remove source file(s)
  -k, --keep                  keep source file(s) (default)
  -n, --no-copy-stat          do not copy source file(s) attributes
  -o FILE, --output=FILE      output file (only if 1 input file)
  -q NUM, --quality=NUM       compression level (0-11)
  -t, --test                  test compressed file integrity
  -v, --verbose               verbose mode
  -w NUM, --lgwin=NUM         set LZ77 window size (0, 10-24)
                              window size = 2**NUM - 16
                              0 lets compressor choose the optimal value
  --large_window=NUM          use incompatible large-window brotli
                              bitstream with window size (0, 10-30)
                              WARNING: this format is not compatible
                              with brotli RFC 7932 and may not be
                              decodable with regular brotli decoders
  -S SUF, --suffix=SUF        output file suffix (default:'.br')
  -V, --version               display version and exit
  -Z, --best                  use best compression level (11) (default)
Simple options could be coalesced, i.e. '-9kf' is equivalent to '-9 -k -f'.
With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.
All arguments after '--' are treated as files.

Loaded Modules:

C:\Program Files\PeaZip\res\brotli\brotli.exe


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