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Usage (stdout):

Microsoft (R) ASP.NET Compilation Tool version 4.8.4084.0
Utility to precompile an ASP.NET application
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

aspnet_compiler [-?] [-m metabasePath | -v virtualPath [-p physicalDir]]
                [[-u] [-f] [-d] [-fixednames] targetDir] [-c]
                [-x excludeVirtualPath [...]]
                [[-keyfile file | -keycontainer container]
                     [-aptca] [-delaySign]]

-?            Prints this help text.
-m            The full IIS metabase path of the application. This switch cannot
              be combined with the -v or -p switches.
-v            The virtual path of the application to be compiled (e.g.
              "/MyApp"). If -p is specified, the physical path is used to
              locate the application. Otherwise, the IIS metabase is used, and
              the application is assumed to be in the default site (under
              "/LM/W3SVC/1/Root"). This switch cannot be combined with the -m
-p            The physical path of the application to be compiled. If -p is
              missing, the IIS metabase is used to locate the app. This switch
              must be combined with -v.
-u            If specified, the precompiled application is updatable.
-f            Overwrites the target directory if it already exists. Existing
              contents are lost.
-d            If specified, the debug information is emitted during
targetDir     The physical path to which the application is compiled. If not
              specified, the application is precompiled in-place.
-c            If specified, the precompiled application is fully rebuilt. Any
              previously compiled components will be re-compiled. This option
              is always enabled when targetDir is specified.
-x            The virtual path of a directory that should be excluded from
              precompilation. This switch can be used multiple times.
-keyfile      The physical path to the strong name key file.
-keycontainer Specifies a strong name key container.
-aptca        If specified, the strong-name assembly will allow partially
              trusted callers.
-delaysign    If specified, the assembly is not fully signed when created. 
-fixednames   If specified, the compiled assemblies will be given fixed names.
-nologo       Suppress compiler copyright message.
-errorstack   Shows extra debugging information that can help debug certain


The following two commands are equivalent, and rely on the IIS metabase. The
compiled application is deployed to c:\MyTarget:
    aspnet_compiler -m /LM/W3SVC/1/Root/MyApp c:\MyTarget
    aspnet_compiler -v /MyApp c:\MyTarget

The following command compiles the application /MyApp in-place. The effect is
that no more compilations will be needed when HTTP requests are sent to it:
    aspnet_compiler -v /MyApp

The following command does *not* rely on the IIS metabase, as it explicitly
specifies the physical source directory of the application:
    aspnet_compiler -v /MyApp -p c:\myapp c:\MyTarget

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  • Subject: CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

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  • Original Filename: aspnet_compiler.exe
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  • Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Version: 4.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
  • Product Version: 4.8.4084.0
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Machine Type: 64-bit

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