• File Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\App Certification Kit\tr\appcert.resources.dll
  • Description:


Type Hash
MD5 AF2A77282562B907AD4543E54C78E9BD
SHA1 CD015A73EC430C998F07A655F35A322B311ED3BC
SHA256 1189669095CCBA83983574DD46B71023892EBD6C04C3187401C0DD0820B8F661
SHA384 F92A0F18A6A421728671C56FA76E7960056CAD3BBD82326B0DB6B77CEF7BE1E8886F5DA0B3BAF8439475D66F49E14C33
SHA512 7466466C0A370D661C7F7F9F8F5DECB6240A8A9BE0BF20954339A1C9581C667083C8EEA4496277883E3E5C826B3178319DA4162572BE9C2880B80A5F1FE3D7CF
IMP DAE02F32A21E03CE65412F6E56942DAA
PESHA1 209D15F7727FDE1C1DB196315E6B3E4A45E2E94A
PE256 B8FE7E772E1F606B4017E55FEA2A9B1AC56CB73ED788101943AD9657E5BA21E8


  • Status: The file C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\App Certification Kit\tr\appcert.resources.dll is not digitally signed. You cannot run this script on the current system. For more information about running scripts and setting execution policy, see about_Execution_Policies at https:/
  • Serial: ``
  • Thumbprint: ``
  • Issuer:
  • Subject:

File Metadata

  • Original Filename: appcert.resources.dll
  • Product Name: Microsoft (R) Windows (R) ─░letim Sistemi
  • Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Version: 10.0.19041.1
  • Product Version: 10.0.19041.1
  • Language: Turkish (Turkey)
  • Legal Copyright: Telif Hakk (c) Microsoft Corporation. Tm haklar sakldr.
  • Machine Type: 32-bit

File Scan

  • VirusTotal Detections: 0/75
  • VirusTotal Link:

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