• File Path: C:\Windows\system32\WSReset.exe
  • Description: This tool resets the Windows Store without changing account settings or deleting installed apps


Type Hash
MD5 5E3561D98BD5FB1D20098FAA0384FAA8
SHA1 C07CCAA16C161776C35E3D056AFCC2A6B0816616
SHA256 2F59CFE63442B61F8AAEF0E1471D40DBC8AE91D4697BDE7699E9D0F3F1AECE1A
SHA384 C76796CBCF21BD5D521824B3D0EE94740B0056A6CE67CA6D48944F34D9E57001C24D1760E47C5681F7C7D8D9DC493365
SHA512 D8CDE2587B92DFA15DEF287BB0043D142A9329AAE8670963F179E6118D3BB1E758CBB9FDCD8F43065EDAF15EDBD9E25C2068D854DF5E5CA5C4C6BC883FD4904E
SSDEEP 768:lqaVflIeB+juij5G2IZB/0w41Nsn4FOBkStBWl:zrHEjuS5G2OiGg0Yl
IMP AB03184F9306BF7E8482C6F987BA1832
PESHA1 C37AA6C7605DB8E918364E6FA5D1151464FC50AC
PE256 7BE5E0C0526780EC0D1044DD325585940466917B9E1C25FDE2F0822F562886F2

Runtime Data

Child Processes:


Open Handles:

Path Type
(RW-) C:\Users\user File
\BaseNamedObjects\C:*ProgramData*Microsoft*Windows*Caches*{6AF0698E-D558-4F6E-9B3C-3716689AF493}.2.ver0x0000000000000002.db Section
\BaseNamedObjects\C:*ProgramData*Microsoft*Windows*Caches*{DDF571F2-BE98-426D-8288-1A9A39C3FDA2}.2.ver0x0000000000000002.db Section
\BaseNamedObjects\C:*ProgramData*Microsoft*Windows*Caches*cversions.2 Section
\BaseNamedObjects\NLS_CodePage_1252_3_2_0_0 Section
\BaseNamedObjects\NLS_CodePage_437_3_2_0_0 Section
\Sessions\1\BaseNamedObjects\windows_shell_global_counters Section

Loaded Modules:



  • Status: Signature verified.
  • Serial: 33000002EC6579AD1E670890130000000002EC
  • Thumbprint: F7C2F2C96A328C13CDA8CDB57B715BDEA2CBD1D9
  • Issuer: CN=Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US
  • Subject: CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

File Metadata

  • Original Filename: WSReset.exe
  • Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Version: 10.0.19041.746 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
  • Product Version: 10.0.19041.746
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Machine Type: 64-bit

File Scan

  • VirusTotal Detections: 0/72
  • VirusTotal Link:

File Similarity (ssdeep match)

File Score
C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSCollect.exe 38
C:\Windows\system32\WSCollect.exe 44
C:\Windows\system32\WSCollect.exe 43
C:\Windows\system32\WSCollect.exe 46
C:\Windows\system32\WSCollect.exe 43
C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSCollect.exe 44
C:\Windows\system32\WSReset.exe 46
C:\Windows\system32\WSReset.exe 44
C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSReset.exe 43
C:\Windows\system32\WSReset.exe 47
C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSReset.exe 50

Possible Misuse

The following table contains possible examples of WSReset.exe being misused. While WSReset.exe is not inherently malicious, its legitimate functionality can be abused for malicious purposes.

Source Source File Example License
sigma win_uac_bypass_wsreset.yml title: UAC Bypass WSReset DRL 1.0
sigma win_uac_bypass_wsreset.yml description: Detects the pattern of UAC Bypass via WSReset usable by default sysmon-config DRL 1.0
sigma win_uac_bypass_wsreset.yml - DRL 1.0
sigma win_uac_bypass_wsreset.yml Image\|endswith: '\wsreset.exe' DRL 1.0
sigma win_uac_wsreset.yml title: Bypass UAC via WSReset.exe DRL 1.0
sigma win_uac_wsreset.yml description: Identifies use of WSReset.exe to bypass User Account Control. Adversaries use this technique to execute privileged processes. DRL 1.0
sigma win_uac_wsreset.yml ParentImage\|endswith: '\wsreset.exe' DRL 1.0
sigma win_wsreset_uac_bypass.yml title: Wsreset UAC Bypass DRL 1.0
sigma win_wsreset_uac_bypass.yml description: Detects a method that uses Wsreset.exe tool that can be used to reset the Windows Store to bypass UAC DRL 1.0
sigma win_wsreset_uac_bypass.yml - DRL 1.0
sigma win_wsreset_uac_bypass.yml - '\WSreset.exe' DRL 1.0
sigma win_wsreset_uac_bypass.yml - Unknown sub processes of Wsreset.exe DRL 1.0
sigma sysmon_bypass_via_wsreset.yml title: UAC Bypass Via Wsreset DRL 1.0
sigma sysmon_bypass_via_wsreset.yml description: Unfixed method for UAC bypass from windows 10. WSReset.exe file associated with the Windows Store. It will run a binary file contained in a low-privilege registry. DRL 1.0
sigma sysmon_bypass_via_wsreset.yml - DRL 1.0
LOLBAS Wsreset.yml Name: Wsreset.exe  
LOLBAS Wsreset.yml - Command: wsreset.exe  
LOLBAS Wsreset.yml Description: During startup, wsreset.exe checks the registry value HKCU\Software\Classes\AppX82a6gwre4fdg3bt635tn5ctqjf8msdd2\Shell\open\command for the command to run. Binary will be executed as a high-integrity process without a UAC prompt being displayed to the user.  
LOLBAS Wsreset.yml - Path: C:\Windows\System32\wsreset.exe  
LOLBAS Wsreset.yml - IOC: wsreset.exe launching child process other than mmc.exe  
atomic-red-team Target: \system32\WSReset.exe MIT License. © 2018 Red Canary

MIT License. Copyright (c) 2020-2021 Strontic.