• File Path: C:\SysinternalsSuite\PsGetsid.exe
  • Description: Translates SIDs to names and vice versa


Type Hash
MD5 2AAF17D3C8F58DD11965ED235D7F310D
SHA1 CE6412E96E60500FF1CAD292835FB56F652BA337
SHA256 A9E3A0D0C90D440F5A7DA6DCE021C554822416C513E383409E80387E1556A760
SHA384 DDB74C2795383119ECE550E08CF95C6B408341850E09346F0177D2B232622A6FC89EBFB0188E7CA4C236E418B7AD2A9E
SHA512 47F81A0B0B8C672E330C9EFF4CF5418230C38B70A50521E339237EB11F5F25771DA487E5ABAD8F98D6802EF4FD5E89CBAAEDF15836C1B56191A625154AEFA83A
SSDEEP 3072:LXCv1bXfgMEofB2crxKzZUFLD6uLEHwDm8swOo1y9voWd3ZUFw7IUokfWRh33JWT:+v1bXCU7Lzhzs5cmGT8JCrW0G
IMP C343A23BBB04BF335828E2F253CB7C38
PESHA1 DBB9B06C6110A0D7B674DC54B364103D17F7932F
PE256 170E69D98820920264B061711BBF5B44F679DFA48F299B2F3BAFDBC47E74EDA4

Runtime Data

Usage (stdout):

PsGetSid v1.45 - Translates SIDs to names and vice versa
Copyright (C) 1999-2016 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals -

Usage: C:\SysinternalsSuite\PsGetsid.exe [\\computer[,computer2[,...] | @file] [-u Username [-p Password]]] [account | SID]
     -u         Specifies optional user name for login to
                remote computer.
     -p         Specifies optional password for user name. If you omit this
                you will be prompted to enter a hidden password.
     account    PsGetSid will report the SID for the specified user account
                rather than the computer.
     SID        PsGetSid will report the account for the specified SID.
     computer   Direct PsGetSid to perform the command on the remote
                computer or computers specified. If you omit the computer
                name PsGetSid runs the command on the local system, 
                and if you specify a wildcard (\\*), PsGetSid runs the
                command on all computers in the current domain.
     @file      PsGetSid will execute the command on each of the computers listed
                in the file.
     -nobanner  Do not display the startup banner and copyright message.

Usage (stderr):

No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
Error querying account:

Loaded Modules:



  • Status: Signature verified.
  • Serial: 33000001797C2E574E52E1CAD6000100000179
  • Thumbprint: 5EAD300DC7E4D637948ECB0ED829A072BD152E17
  • Issuer: CN=Microsoft Code Signing PCA, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US
  • Subject: CN=Microsoft Corporation, OU=MOPR, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

File Metadata

  • Original Filename: PsGetSid.exe
  • Product Name: Sysinternals PsGetSid
  • Company Name: Sysinternals -
  • File Version: 1.45
  • Product Version: 1.45
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2016 Mark Russinovich
  • Machine Type: 32-bit

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