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  • Description: OfflineDump Tool EXECUTABLE


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SHA1 1DE208B9FD82545454E08A790373AE81A53EF423
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IMP 619C42374CE64AE6BCF4F4F04F4AEFF9
PESHA1 5F55630E3EFD5A9292FBBDD46E40D6D340E4F1DB
PE256 8E36281E315FF24CDA38510A096498570999C003C625071C1C3D321018746920

Runtime Data

Usage (stdout):

Device string in use: $localpub:qsize=0($LogFile:file=OfflineDumpTool.wtl,encoding=UNICODE,writemode=overwrite;$Console;$Debugger)
WTTLogger_CPP_GitEnlistment(winpbld); Version: 2.7.3483.0

====Offline Dump Tool Version = 10.0.19041.1 (WinBuild.160101.0800)====

Machine: Build=19041.00 
	OS=Windows 10 Enterprise 
	Language=English (US) (REDMOND) 

offlinedump test tool.
Background and Assumptions:
    This utility:
          - Takes input that conforms to the Microsoft Offline Dump Specification
          - Must be run as an administrator
          - Denotes System under Test (SUT) as the System that crashed
          - Denotes Debug System (DS) as system running the Windows debugger
    The System Under Test (SUT):
          - Has a disk partition suitable for storing an offline crash
          - May be distinct from the Debug System (DS)
          - May be a different system architecture from the Debug System
    To expedite debugging, two distinct systems are recommended
    This is based on assumption, relative to SUT:
          - The Debug System has greater stability
          - The Debug System has higher performance
    The file extension has the following conventions:
          .RAW (Raw Partition saved as a File)
               [Output or Input to Tool]
          .DMP (Windows Dump File loadable by Windows Debugger)
               [Output from Tool]
               Windows Phone: [Input to Tool]
          .BIN (Silicon Vendor Specific BIN File)
               [Output from Tool]
          .DDR (DDR memory sections File)
               [Input to Tool]
BASIC Usage Commands:
          This help text
          This will Parse the Raw_Dump Partition and create:
              .DMP = Windows Dump file 
              .BIN = Silicon vendor specific bins
          Example: offlinedumptool /parsepart
          Note: Must run command on System under Test (SUT)
          Output file: raw_dump.DMP, <possibly others>
          Exact output filenames encoded in headers of Offline Specification
          Wipes the contents of dedicated raw dump partition by filling it with zeros.
          Wipes the raw dump header in the dedicated partition.
     /dumprawpart <DUMPFILE.RAW>
          This will dump the raw dump partition to a file. 
          Example: offlinedumptool /dumprawpart dumpfile.raw
          Note: Must run command on System under Test (SUT)
          Output .RAW file is further processed using the /parsedump option
     /parsedump <DUMPFILE.RAW> 
          This will open the Raw_Dump Partition file as raw dump and parse the headers. 
          Example: offlinedumptool /parsedump DUMPFILE.RAW 
          Note: .BIN file can be processed using this utility on Debug System
          Exact output filenames encoded in headers of Offline Specification
          Output file: raw_dump.DMP
          option /noapreg will not attempt to process APREG section
     /parsewpdump <WP_DUMPFILE.DMP>
          It will extract WP silicon vendor sections from WP dump secondary data and save as .bins 
          Example: offlinedumptool /parsewpdump memory.dmp
          Note: Windows Phone Specific Option, all other options are supported exclusively for Windows
                Must run command on .DMP file from Windows Phone System under Test (SUT)
                The input .DMP file is generated from another Windows Phone tool
          Output file(s): <section>.BIN ...
          Exact output filenames encoded in headers of Offline Specification
          Does not attempt to find APREG in the DDR sections
     /apreg64 <address in Hex> 
          Assumes the APREG format to of 64 bit and attempts to find the MSM_DUMP_TABLE 
          at that location.
     /supplementalbugcheckdata <path_to_hloscrashdmp.bin>
          Bugcheck data from supplied hloscrashdmp.bin is used to replace default FATAL_ABNORMAL_RESET_ERROR (0x14c)
          information in generated .dmp file if no such information is found in SV specific section.
RECOMMENDED Usage Commands:
          For example on Windows Systems Under Test (SUT), option A or B:
          A)  Raw Partition -- > Raw File -- > .DMP, .BIN(s)
              /dumprawpart (on SUT)            /parsedump, windbg (on DS)
              1) 'offlinedumptool /dumprawpart dump.raw' (on SUT)
                 output is user specified 'dump.raw' file
              2) 'offlinedumptool /parsedump dump.raw' (on DS)
                 output is .DMP file (windbg loadable)
                 output is .BIN file(s) (as specified in .RAW file)
              3) 'windbg -z crash.dmp' (on DS)
          B)  Raw Partition       ----- >      .DMP, .BIN(s)
              /parsepart (on SUT)              windbg (on DS)
              1) 'offlinedumptool /parsepart' (on SUT)
                 output is .DMP file (windbg loadable)
                 output is .BIN file(s) (as specified in .RAW file)
              2) 'windbg -z crash.dmp' (on DS)
          For Windows Phone Systems Under Test (SUT):
          A)  .DMP File (generated on SUT)      -- > .BIN(s)
              /parsewpdump wp_dumpfile.dmp, windbg (on DS)
              1) 'offlinedumptool /parsewpdump wp_dumpfile.DMP' (on DS)
                 output is .BIN file(s) (as specified in .DMP file)
              2) 'windbg -z wp_dumpfile.dmp' (on DS)
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C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64\OffDumpTool.exe


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  • Subject: CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

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  • Original Filename: offdumptool.exe
  • Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Version: 10.0.19041.1 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
  • Product Version: 10.0.19041.1
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Machine Type: 64-bit

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