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SSDEEP 12288:EjsAb0eiTg2b1wj4KpuFBGuaYPYhztJ+CGBJNamTxQldNQO6GbsEae:E5b3kYMFMu/kDWKf

Runtime Data

Usage (stdout):

Converts a disk from MBR to GPT partitioning without modifying or deleting data on the disk.

MBR2GPT.exe /validate|convert [/disk:<diskNumber>] [/logs:<logDirectory>] [/map:<source>=<destination>] [/allowFullOS]


         - Validates that the selected disk can be converted
           without performing the actual conversion.

         - Validates that the selected disk can be converted
           and performs the actual conversion.

         - Specifies the disk number of the disk to be processed.
           If not specified, the system disk is processed.

         - Specifies the directory for logging. By default logs
           are created in the %windir% directory.

         - Specifies the GPT partition type to be used for a
           given MBR partition type not recognized by Windows.
           Multiple /map switches are allowed.

         - Allows the tool to be used from the full Windows
           environment. By default, this tool can only be used
           from the Windows Preinstallation Environment.

Usage (stderr):

Invalid argument: --help

Invalid arguments

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