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  • Description: DFS Replication Command Line


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Runtime Data

Usage (stdout):

=== Supported Objects ===
You can perform actions on the following objects:

Bulk          Perform several actions by using a single input
Conn          Perform actions on connections between members of a replication 

Health        Generate a health report for one or more members of a 
              replication group
Mem           Perform actions on a member of a replication group

Membership    Perform actions related to a member's participation in a 
              replicated folder

PropRep       Generate propagation report for one or more propagation
              test files
PropTest      Generate and drop a propagation test file on a membership, 
              used for testing replication

RF            Perform actions on a folder that is replicated between members
              of a replication group
RG    	      Perform actions on a group of computers that participates in

Sub           Perform actions related to a member's subscription in 
              replication groups

Type "DfsrAdmin <Object> /?" for detailed help.

Usage: DfsrAdmin <Object> <Action> [<SubObject>] [<SubAction>]
       </Parameter:Value> ... [</Optional-Parameter:Value> ...]
       [/Domain:<value>] [/DC:<value>] [/CSV] [/Force]

=== Optional Parameters Supported For All Commands ===
/Domain: Specify the domain for the replication group
/DC:     Specify the domain controller to connect to in the replication 
         group's domain
/Force:  Specify that a failed operation is skipped when an action causes a 
         series of operations to be performed

=== Optional Parameter Supported For All List Commands ===
/CSV:    Dumps the list output in CSV format

Usage (stderr):

The object -help is not a valid object.


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