• File Path: C:\Windows\system32\BdeHdCfg.exe
  • Description: BitLocker Drive Encryption: Drive Preparation Tool


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MD5 89D0572C9B53F34230C8514F6B11BD56
SHA1 C8111FA4BB979386BD9C7923EB5E8BA3CB2947FB
SHA256 A6797C873AF8F7FEFE1352876113CD912E329759E838CF2F49ECD7BDF4BF4F26
SHA384 EAE382250DEAEE0F6A1ABA0D4B1AAC80D50048E043B51742D06DD19984A47BF456C928C6D751317163370E5751C4E344
SHA512 EC6199DF2DACA0DE2BC279E891D5996BA4AFC6EE1892AA878FB17C438F7C2EBC4E7678A582151ACC56D7FB74E8787E3EC8D5AA0C370DF0B5D0DEA0DEDFC30EA0
SSDEEP 3072:pq93U6JRZxaPUKHVZzwnVS570M9kdatGCO+xmBc+hMPhPsx:pqzXKHVZ8Vs7nyatGt+SYF
IMP BED35470582631F338EFA043107C9B11
PESHA1 D1A8D815A510A7D9E4EC21989D4B1748A7C2C202
PE256 85C2E37B81F2E69FDE96A4B39D473E49E1C0B327FD8F26B04F5634EA2D824BB7

Runtime Data

Usage (stdout):

BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool version 10.0.19041
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


               [-target {default | unallocated | 
                         TargetDriveLetter {shrink | merge} }]
               [-newdriveletter DriveLetter]
               [-size SizeInMegabytes]
               [-quiet] [-restart] [{-? | /?}]

  This command prepares your hard drive for BitLocker Drive Encryption.

  Command line parameters are not case-sensitive.

        Displays information about valid target drives.

        Specifies the target and operation.

        Specify 'shrink' to create a new active partition.
        Specify 'merge' to make an existing partition active.
        Specify 'unallocated' to use unformatted space on disk.
        Specify 'default' for the target to be chosen automatically.

        Examples: -target D: merge
                  -target C: shrink
                  -target unallocated
                  -target default

        Specifies the desired drive letter for the new drive. This option is
        only valid when a new drive is created.

        Example: -newdriveletter S:

        Specifies the desired size of the new drive. This option is only valid
        when a new drive is created.

        If not specified, the Drive Preparation Tool assumes the required
        minimum size of 550 megabytes.

        Example: -size 700
        Specifies operation in quiet mode. No output from the drive preparation
        tool is displayed.

        Enables an automatic restart after drive preparation.

        You must restart your computer before enabling BitLocker.

  -? or /?
        Displays help for this command.

    BdeHdCfg -target c: shrink -newdriveletter x: -size 550 -quiet -restart
    BdeHdCfg -target d: merge -quiet -restart
    BdeHdCfg -target unallocated -newdriveletter s:
    BdeHdCfg -target default

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  • Thumbprint: A4341B9FD50FB9964283220A36A1EF6F6FAA7840
  • Issuer: CN=Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US
  • Subject: CN=Microsoft Windows, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US

File Metadata

  • Original Filename: BdeHdCfg.exe.mui
  • Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  • File Version: 10.0.19041.1 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
  • Product Version: 10.0.19041.1
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Legal Copyright: Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Machine Type: 64-bit

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C:\WINDOWS\system32\baaupdate.exe 74
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C:\WINDOWS\system32\BitLockerWizard.exe 75
C:\Windows\system32\BitLockerWizard.exe 77
C:\Windows\system32\BitLockerWizardElev.exe 72
C:\Windows\system32\BitLockerWizardElev.exe 75
C:\WINDOWS\system32\BitLockerWizardElev.exe 72
C:\windows\system32\BitLockerWizardElev.exe 74
C:\Windows\system32\fvecpl.dll 40
C:\Windows\system32\fvenotify.exe 66
C:\windows\system32\fvenotify.exe 66
C:\WINDOWS\system32\fvenotify.exe 68
C:\Windows\system32\fvenotify.exe 63
C:\WINDOWS\system32\fveprompt.exe 69
C:\Windows\system32\fveprompt.exe 63
C:\Windows\system32\fveprompt.exe 61
C:\windows\system32\fveprompt.exe 63
C:\Windows\system32\fveui.dll 47
C:\WINDOWS\system32\manage-bde.exe 49
C:\Windows\system32\manage-bde.exe 49
C:\Windows\system32\manage-bde.exe 47
C:\windows\system32\manage-bde.exe 52
C:\Windows\system32\repair-bde.exe 69
C:\WINDOWS\system32\repair-bde.exe 69
C:\windows\system32\repair-bde.exe 69
C:\Windows\system32\repair-bde.exe 65

Additional Info*

*The information below is copied from MicrosoftDocs, which is maintained by Microsoft. Available under CC BY 4.0 license.


Prepares a hard drive with the partitions necessary for BitLocker Drive Encryption. Most installations of Windows 7 will not need to use this tool because BitLocker setup includes the ability to prepare and repartition drives as required.

[!WARNING] There is a known conflict with the Deny write access to fixed drives not protected by BitLocker Group Policy setting located in Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption\Fixed Data Drives.

If bdehdcfg is run on a computer when this policy setting is enabled, you may encounter the following issues:

  • If you attempted to shrink the drive and create the system drive, the drive size will be successfully reduced and a raw partition will be created. However, the raw partition will not be formatted. The following error message is displayed: The new active Drive cannot be formatted. You may need to manually prepare your drive for BitLocker.

  • If you attempted to use unallocated space to create the system drive, a raw partition will be created. However, the raw partition will not be formatted. The following error message is displayed: The new active Drive cannot be formatted. You may need to manually prepare your drive for BitLocker.

  • If you attempted to merge an existing drive into the system drive, the tool will fail to copy the required boot file onto the target drive to create the system drive. The following error message is displayed: BitLocker setup failed to copy boot files. You may need to manually prepare your drive for BitLocker.

  • If this policy setting is being enforced, a hard drive cannot be repartitioned because the drive is protected. If you are upgrading computers in your organization from a previous version of Windows and those computers were configured with a single partition, you should create the required BitLocker system partition before applying the policy setting to the computers.


bdehdcfg [–driveinfo <drive_letter>] [-target {default|unallocated|<drive_letter> shrink|<drive_letter> merge}] [–newdriveletter] [–size <size_in_mb>] [-quiet]
Parameter Description
bdehdcfg: driveinfo Displays the drive letter, the total size, the maximum free space, and the partition characteristics of the partitions on the drive specified. Only valid partitions are listed. Unallocated space is not listed if four primary or extended partitions already exist.
bdehdcfg: target Defines which portion of a drive to use as the system drive and makes the portion active.
bdehdcfg: newdriveletter Assigns a new drive letter to the portion of a drive used as the system drive.
bdehdcfg: size Determines the size of the system partition when a new system drive is being created.
bdehdcfg: quiet Prevents the display of all actions and errors in the command-line interface and directs bdehdcfg to use the Yes answer to any Yes/No prompts that may occur during subsequent drive preparation.
bdehdcfg: restart Directs the computer to restart after the drive preparation has finished.
/? Displays Help at the command prompt.

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